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Dr. Manel Jordana

Principal Investigator, MD, PhD

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Dr. Manel Jordana completed his medical training at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and continued with a residency and clinical fellowship at Hospital de Sant Pau in the same city. Dr. Jordana quickly developed a passion for scientific research, and pursued this path with determination. After graduating with a PhD at McMaster University, he embarked on post-doctoral studies. He joined the faculty of McMaster University in 1988, and has since supervised over 75 trainees, and co-authored 160 scientific papers, reviews and book chapters.

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Dr. Susan Waserman

Principal Investigator, MD, MSc

Dr. Waserman obtained her MSc and medical degree from McGill University. She specialized in Internal Medicine, followed by subspecialty training in Allergy/Clinical Immunology. She then completed a fellowship in Pulmonary Immunology at the Meakins Christie Laboratories at McGill University. She is extensively involved in medical education in both academic and community settings, and has an active hospital based clinical practice in adult and pediatric allergy/immunology. Research interests and activities include mechanisms and treatment of peanut allergy and food related anaphylaxis, as well as urticaria.

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Tina Walker

Research Technician

Tina finished her B.Sc. in animal biology at the University of Guelph. She worked at the McMaster central animal facility for nine years before joining the Jordana lab in 2002. Her duties include maintaining breeding colonies, animal work, ELISAs, purchasing as well as various lab management tasks.

Jianping Wen.jpg

Jianping Wen

Research Technician

Jianping graduated from West China University of Medical Sciences, China and worked in the same university as a lecturer for a few years. Then, she continued to study molecular biology in Witten/Hedreke University, Germany. Here, as a research technician, she has a key role in the management of the lab, she assisted and worked with all graduate and undergraduate students for their projects bringing her knowledge and experience in the fields of animal work, cell culture, blood process and functional assay, as well as molecular biology.

rangana headshot.jpeg

Rangana Talpe Guruge

Research Technician

Rangana received her H.B.Sc in Genetics from Western University and M.Sc in Medical Sciences from McMaster. She joined the lab in the beginning of 2023. 


Allyssa Phelps

PhD Candidate

Bio coming soon!

Favourite Cell: Allergen-specific B cells


Danielle Della Libera

Masters Student

Danielle received her B.H.Sc. from McMaster and joined the Jordana lab in May 2022. She will be starting her masters this fall. 


Sara Fortier

Masters Student

Sara received her H.B.Sc. in Biochemistry from McMaster University and joined the Jordana lab as a Master’s student in September 2022. Her project involves using CRISPR-Cas9 to investigate the factors involved in the protection against food allergens. 

Favourite Cell: Memory B cell


Saven Denha

Masters Student

Saven obtained his B.H.Sc. in Biochemistry from McMaster University. He joined the Jordana lab as a research assistant and will pursue his Master's degree starting September 2023. His research focuses on studying the spatial distribution of immune cells in human and animal tissues. Utilizing advanced techniques like confocal microscopy and multiplex imaging, he investigates the relevance of immune cell distribution to both each other and the surrounding tissue, aiming to enhance our understanding of the immune system.

Favourite cell: NK cells


Atai Ariaz

Undergraduate Student

Level IV

Bio coming soon!

Favourite cell: Memory B cells


Vitoria Olyntho

Undergraduate Student

Level IV

Vitoria is a fourth-year student in the BHSc, program pursuing a concurrent certificate in Immunology, Microbiology, and Virology. Her project involves developing and optimizing a multiplexed immunofluorescence imaging platform to investigate the cell microenvironment of type II tissues, including the human nasal polyp. Vitoria's work is supported by the 2023 Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Studentship and the BHSc Summer Research Scholarship.

Favourite cell: Eosinophils


Allison Fang

Undergraduate Student

Level III

Bio Coming Soon!

Favourite Cell: Anergic B cell


Aidan Gagnon

Undergraduate Student

Level IV

Aidan is a fourth-year student in the Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences program. He is working with Danielle to characterize novel populations of memory B cells. Aidan's research interests are in studying CD4+ T cell interactions and their implications in disease through murine models, and investigations using flow cytometry. 

Favourite Cell: Th2 and Th17 polarized Tregs


Jane Thompson

Co-Op Student

Level IV

Bio coming soon!

Favourite cell: IgG4+ memory B cell

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Miguel Martínez Santos

Undergraduate Student

Level IV

Miguel is a fourth-year student in the iBioMed (HESE) program at McMaster, who will be completing his thesis in the Jordana Lab. He works with Allyssa in several immunotherapy projects that focus on elucidating the mechanisms behind food allergy.

Favourite Cell: IgG1+ memory B cell


Bela Davidson

Undergraduate Student

Level IV

Bio coming soon!

Favourite cell: CD45+ cell

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